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We are seriously so obsessed with all our lovely customers. It’s honestly such an exciting and humbling experience when we get a new order notification. It makes us happy to know you guys love our brand and style, & motivates us to keep going. So if you’re not only a reader but a customer too, we can’t thank you enough for all the love and support you guys have given us, in just the past few months. So for everything we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love you!

Carolmine theblondhills
As much as we get all giggly for new customers and orders, what excites us the most is to see how customers style Carolmine outfits. Every customers individually styles Carolmine in their own way, which makes it unique. We love seeing the different accessories that are paired off with our clothing, whether it’s a purse, hat, or shoes etc.

Carolmine mumuansmacaroons
We also love seeing our customers creativity ideas while wearing Carolmine. The angles of pictures, the choice of filters, the backgrounds, the locations. But overall we love to see how they show off their best Carolmine lifestyle.
All of this is possible thanks to the amazing world of social media, since we are an online based woman’s boutique shop, we highly rely on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest to see all our customers wearing Carolmine. We love to see customers tagging us wearing our products, whether actually tagging our page @shoptcarolmine or giving us a shoutout, to using our hashtags #carolmine, or #shopctarolmine. We see it all, & love it! So keep them coming, we can’t wait to repost you guys!

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A perk for tagging us or giving us a shoutout anywhere on your social media page (story or post) you automatically enter yourself for a chance to win a free Carolmine outfit of your choice! That’s like getting payed with Carolmine for wearing Carolmine, & I mean who doesn’t like getting free clothes for just looking cute or whatevaaa.... so remember keep tagging us....we see you babes!

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