Summertime Picnics

Red summer dress

Can you feel it? That warm weather, those sunny bright skies, it’s Summer! Our favorite season of the year has arrived and we are loving it (even though we are currently melting from this heat wave). We are so excited to spend summer outdoors, creating memories and enjoying mother nature and all it’s wonders, while wearing our favorite Carolmine summer pieces. (Boss babe wearing our Sofia Dress)

Two piece polka dot set on the beach
One of our favorite summer activities is picnicking. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy the nice weather. Wheather you’re planning a picnic for a romantic date with someone or just spending quality time with friends, it’s a fun budget friendly activity. We are so lucky to live in a place so close to the ocean, so any chance we get to go to the beach, we take it! Planning a picnic is no exception. During our picnic at the beach we made sure to pack our favorite summer fruit, watermelon! It’s sweet, tasteful and juicy, plus it’s a great way to keep hydrated since it’s mostly made of water (we highly suggest chilling it before, for a more refreshing taste, also our boss babe is wearing our Annette Two Piece Set)

Tropical blue floral dress
We love planning sunset picnics at the park during summer. It’s a great way to see the sun disappear yet still feel the warmth in the air, but don’t forget to wear mosquito repellent (we learned that the hard way). Sunset picnics tend to be more on the romantic side, but can also be enjoyed with friends. It’s a great way to people watch all while enjoying some cheese, crackers, and perhaps a little wine. The best part of picnicking is creating memories with loved ones during our favorite time of the year. (Boss Babe wearing our Leilani Dress)

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