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The meaning behind carolmine blog post diary series

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Hello Carolmine babes,

Jenny here! Founder and CEO of Carolmine. It's taken me a little bit of time to get on here, but hey, your girl made it! Welcome to my diary series. I'll be writing a series of blog posts sharing the intimate details of how I fell madly in love with someone named Justin Carroll. I say series because man do I have stories, and lots of them! Besides, what's the point of having a blog if you can't go over the juicy details?! Don't worry, I'll still be writing blog posts with styling tips, tutorials, interviews, behind the scenes, and more! I honestly have a lot to say in every arena, so let’s just say, you'll be hearing a lot more from me from now on. I thought I would start this diary series off by answering a question that I get asked a lot: what is the meaning behind Carolmine?

I have to be honest, Carolmine has meant a lot of different things throughout its existence. But now, I think the true meaning is what it currently means to me. For me, Carolmine represents love. Love for the beach, love for humanity, love for giving back and doing good, love for adventure, but most of all love for life, no matter the journey. Let’s be real, Carolmine IS love. And when I think of love, I can't help but think of the one person who lights something in me so bright that the experience of love remains with me every second of everyday. What a guy, right? Who is he, you ask? None other than Mr. Justin Carroll himself. I can't lie, I get a lot of inspiration for Carolmine from our love. Something about a life chasing the sun with this man brings me not only so much joy, but an overflow of creativity. That, coupled with his unshaken faith in my abilities has seriously made me the most productive and in love that I have ever been.

Jenny Ochoa From Long Beach and Justin Carroll

Jenny Ochoa and Justin Carroll

Jenny Ochoa and Justin Carroll    

The Beginning

In order to really share with you guys the deeper meaning behind Carolmine and how Justin ties into it, I thought I would go over how our love story began. I won't go into every detail (your girl’s gotta save the juicy details for future blog posts!) but I'll go over some of the big events, like how we met. It was a Thursday night in college, right before the clock struck 12 on my 20th birthday. I was in a tiara, he noticed. And oh did I notice him too! I definitely didn't expect him to be the best birthday gift EVER. We were at a fraternity house that night, after all.

Jenny Ochoa Diary Series Blog #1

Anytime I saw him around after that we always seemed to wind up in some kind of playful banter. Man, do I love a guy that knows how to keep up! This intrigued me the most about him. But do I break my rule and start dating a fraternity boy? You see, I had never been with one, nor did I ever really want to. As much as I didn't want to admit it at times, I'm definitely a relationship type of girl. That being said, I knew I probably wouldn't find my style of romance in a frat house. I also didn’t want to pry anyone away from living their best life. But I was in a sorority, and this was my scene after all, so I did what I always do at these types of parties – friend zone everybody! lol. Even with all the butterflies I felt when I was around him, I kept it cool, and most of all, I kept it friendly. I didn't want to get my heart all tied up in something that I knew would end. I would see him every few months at some party and enjoy the same playful banter we loved getting into. But time and time again, I just let myself walk away, one party after another. That is, until one particularly special night with Mr. Justin Carroll. It was mafia night, as in a bunch of girls from my sorority got together and called ourselves the mafia family and had a celebratory dinner for it. Dressed to kill of course, mafia style. I'm not sure if it was the outfit or our entourage but my oh my did I walk into that afterparty with some type of vibe. Let's just call it the mafia vibe. I walked into that party with my mind made up. If there was still a vibe with this guy, I was going for it. And as to be expected, there was definitely a vibe.

You Got This

Things didn't go exactly according to plan in the actual "going for it" department. I remember us talking near a beer pong table, when someone asked, "Hey, do you want to play?" I, of course, jumped for joy because I'm a competitive freak who loves every opportunity for a good sh*t talking. Before I knew it, we were both in it to win it! Except when I started to realize that I was standing next to the boy I had a major crush on and we were neck to neck with two cups left. It's game time and all I remember thinking was "Don't eff this up. Don't eff this up.” I started to get in my head, missing cup after cup (luckily so was the other team). As I'm anticipating my next fail of a shot, he stops me and says, "Wait, you got this.” He said it in such a way that I instantly replied, "You're right!" So I took my shot and nailed it! Justin then hits the last cup immediately after. Boom, we had it in the bag! I jump and scream and he picks me up ever so softly and twirls me around as if this wasn't our first rodeo. As I felt his arms around me, I thought to myself, "Oh, I'm going for it.” We drank in celebration and as our new competitors lined up, suddenly winning wasn't the first thing on our minds. So much so that we quickly lost the next game. But for once, I really didn't care.

Why Is All The Rum Gone?

Hours have gone by and I still hadn't made my actual move. You see after losing our 2nd game we quickly got pulled away by a frat star chanting “SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS!” Given that I take my shots in thirds, this was not a problem for me (yeah, I know, I suck). This was a problem for Justin though. Hours later, he seemed a little too drunk for me to think this would end up going according to plan. My version of “going for it” is making it clear enough that he knows to go for it. Your girl still needs her romance! The night is winding down and I find myself walking into the living room. I found all the remaining party goers from the after party and one open seat next to my drunken crush. I thought to myself, “well, f*ck* it” and walked over and sat down. I looked at him, smiled, and proceeded to make fun of how drunk he was. He giggled and snickered and tried his best to deny it. It was actually quite endearing. He appeared to be more of a shy drunk in that moment with me which was unexpected as most drunk fraternity boys tend to be loud and obnoxious. In that moment, the frat star who started the shot train earlier, came stumbling in and mumbling “Why is all the rum gone?” Then he plopped over on the couch on top of everyone. We all laughed, and suddenly, I felt a light touch on my arm. Justin Carroll was making a move. His little drunken self, started to slowly trickle his finger up and down my arm and hand as if he was about to give me a palm reading. This “move” was so different that I just sat there and stared at him waiting for him to give me some type of explanation. He didn’t look at me, he just continued examining so I let him. Then he stopped and he seemed to be overcome by a question. He quickly looked up and asked, “Can I hold your hand?” I stared at him completely shocked by his request. Mostly because we were in a fraternity house… Why the hell is this guy making elementary school moves right now?! Whatever the reason was, I was here for it. So I smiled at him and said, “yes.” There we were, holding hands, in a room full of lingering party goers. Even though the group conversation was quite rowdy, all I remember was being completely head over heels for this hand holding man. For 15 minutes, it felt like it was only me and him in that room.

The Truest Version of You

If you’re dying to know what happened the remainder of the night, the answer is absolutely nothing. That’s right, the hand holder and I hugged goodbye and parted ways without exchanging numbers or even a god damn kiss! But oh was I ready for the next time I saw Mr. Justin Carroll! Because little did he know, this little drunken hand holding move of his was everything I needed to be swept off my feet. Until next time Carroll. May the love games begin. This was the real beginning of our love story. The main reason I think it was important for me to share it with you guys is because I want you to know the main reason why I fell madly in love with Justin in the first place. It was something that was present from the first night we made a real connection. Mafia night. He has this magical way of really making you feel like the best version of yourself and that you really do got this. Like when he says “you got this” there’s an overwhelming feeling of trust and confidence that seeps over you. In a sense, he just has a way of making you become the truest version of you. The version of you that you always wanted to be. Carolmine represents this type of love in every way. I want every woman to have the same experience of utter confidence. Not only in their style, but in their relationships, in their career, and in their overall self. If you know me, you know my soul wants the WORLD to experience the journey of becoming your best self. So I made it Carolmine’s mission to spread that love out into the world. It is only fair that I do my best to give the same type of love Justin gives to me to every person I meet and put that type of energy out into the world. I thought, what better way to explain that type of love, than to share our love. And to continue to share at that. Being that this is just the beginning of our love story, the only way you will really know the extent of Carolmine’s love is by continuing to read along. And just like our love, I want Carolmine to grow endlessly. So cheers for being a part of the journey and for being a part of giving back to the world.

Thanks for dreaming with me,


Jenny Ochoa

Justin Carroll and Jenny Ochoa Jenny Ochoa Diary Series Blog about falling in love with Justin Carroll

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