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About Carolmine

Hi Carolmine Babes,

This is a little bit about us, Jenny and Yessica founders of Carolmine. Two best friends who grew up in Long Beach, CA. From high school, college, church, rushing sororities, to becoming coworkers, we were destined to be in each other's life. Our common creative souls, love for fashion, thirst for adventure, and beach obsession influenced us to create Carolmine. 

Carolmine is the definition of "Lady Boss". You know that feeling when you're wearing a kick a$$ outfit that makes you feel like you can do LITERALLY anything!? Like nail your job interview, or finally asking your crush out, to walking down the street with 100% confidence with who you are. THAT'S CAROLMINE. We want women to feel that way every single day. Empowering one woman, one outfit at a time.



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